Who are Ballet Classes for?

Our ballet classes are suitable for adults and kids. Our ballet schedule is suitable from two to one hundred years old. Start your passion for dance early and reap the benefits, but don't be discouraged if you have never tried and want to see what it is all about.

What is Ballet?

You will most probably associate ballet with a leotard and bun (check out what to wear below). However, let me give you a little background other that just the costume. Ballet has a very long history. In fact, the genre originates from the 15th Century. Hence, there have been many years to perfect the required technique and develop the style of the art form. In class, you will hear the french terminology being used for the classical dance steps like: plie, fondu and port de bras. Our Adult classes are "open" in nature, in contrast to set "syllabus" work that you will learn as a child. Most of our teachers have trained in the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus however there are also other common syllabi like Cecchetti and the British Ballet Organization. Regardless of whether you are learning a syllabus or not, you will implement discipline. 

What to Expect?

You can get an idea of how our ballet classes look from our youtube video playlist! Or how they sound from our Spotify playlist. The level will vary depending on what class you are attending.

There a five basic positions of the Arms and Legs which is your foundation, and from the you add the movement. This is a great resource to check out before your first class. Technique is important, so if you wish to start off in the right way or even check in with your understanding, I would suggest our Ballet Basics workshops.

What to Wear?

If you have dance wear of course bring this along (we have bathrooms in the waiting area).
A typical ballet attire for women and girls consists of a leotard, pink ballet tights and ballet shoes. Males and boys wear a leotard and shorts or fabric tights. You can purchase these through the studio (small discount applied if purchasing directly from us) or through one of our affiliated companies. Then, there is no end to what you can also bring along:

  • Ballet Skirt
  • Warm up trousers/shorts, shirts and crossovers
  • Warm up booties/socks
  • Hair pieces

The ballet uniform allows the teacher to correct your movement as they can see your body move properly. You may, however, be more comfortable wearing fitness clothes and that is no problem! As long as you feel comfortable and move properly. If you don’t own dance shoes, socks or bare feet are fine.

It is advised to wear your hair in a bun, or at the least, out of your face. This allows you to spot your head when you turn without getting it in your way.

Ready to jump in?

Check out our ballet classes on the Adult's Schedule or Kid's Schedule, sign in or register and we will meet you at the barre!

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