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Feeling stressed? Pilates is a great way to unwind, work on your flexibility and strength, and get a great workout! Pilates can enhance the quality of life of those who practice it by improving posture, increasing muscle strength and tone, improving coordination and balance, relaxing the upper back and neck, and improving concentration. Pilates can be great for creating a more centered workplace and is extremely beneficial for dancers.

We have weekly classes on our schedule, book a one-on-one appointment, or you can arrange a teacher to take a class for you or a group at the studio, your home or worksite. We have mats, pilates props and reformer on site. Book a teacher today or take a class with us!

You can attend casually to each lesson or you may wish to commit to a pass.
These options can be purchased through our online system.

Yoga Class
Yoga Class


Stretching and Yoga is so beneficial to your body and mental well being.
Relax your mind and work your body, benefiting from the multiple health benefits that exercise and meditation bring.

The number of these classes are growing! See our Stretch and Meditation classes on our schedule.


We advise any of our new pilates students to start with a one-on-one appointment to help them and the teacher understand their body and it's movement patterns. You might even find that you wish to continue these private pilates sessions as they are great at identifying your idiosyncrasies and movement faults that may be contributing to your postural tendencies and pain.

It also gives the instructor to use our many items of equipment such as the pressure bio-feedback bag, and pilates reformer, trapeeze and ladder barrel. These privates are booked through our appointment software Nookal. This allows us to store all of your notes, documents and private information in a secure network.

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